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Lori Barron completed her Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004 Feeling guided to teach others how to heal and balance their bodies she began to delve into the more Ancient and Sacred teachings of many of the native cultures around the world. Her travels took her to South America, Indonesia and Europe. Lori founded “Herb Girl Alchemy” and most recently YAFA Cannabis Alchemy with the intention of teaching people the principles of “Be your Own Medicine”. She now supports many on their healing path, teaching each person the values of healing themselves physically and spiritually with Plant Medicines, Meditation, Energy Work and Ancient Acupuncture practices.

The perpetual seeker of life’s mysteries Lori brings another level of healing beyond the physical into her work utilizing her intuitive sense to lead her in helping clients reach their highest potential.

Lori opens others awareness to the pathways to create catalyzing changes which happen when we learn to drop our self-limiting beliefs and trust that the answers will come, and the path will appear.Alchemist, Ascension Acupuncturist, Priestess of Magik, Medicine Woman,Sacred Ritual Facilitator. Seeker of ancient knowledge and wisdom. Wayshower

 Jennifer Malone is an accomplished event producer with more than 15 years’ experience planning all aspects of events from concept to execution. She founded D&L Events in 2014 following a 12-year stint as Director of Events for Homerun Entertainment, a television and event production company she co-founded. Jennifer thrives on the excitement of each event she produces. She manages every detail from developing the theme to creating the budget to determining the centerpieces on the table. Jennifer is down to earth, easy going and lives life mindfully.

Naz’s love for yoga began in 2002 just as she was beginning her career as A registered nurse in the emergency department. Naz quickly discovered that she needed time to escape the stressful environment of the ER, so she discovered yoga and began a daily practice in her own living room. Several years later, a Consistent home practice lead Naz to studio classes In her home town which further her lifted her fire to the practice. Naz’s passion for yoga, humanity and science led her into obtaining her 200hr Hatha-Vinyasa certification. Her classes explore the mind/body connection through her emphasis on breath, flow and strength.

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