Expand your Mind. Strengthen your Body. Awaken your Spirit.

Cannabliss Retreats

Expand your Mind. Strengthen your Body. Awaken your Spirit.

Expand your Mind. Strengthen your Body. Awaken your Spirit.


Based in Los Angeles, an entrepreneur for 15 years, Sari Gabbay is founder of Cannabliss Retreats and Redefining Cannabis, a creative agency for cannabis brands. She is also co-founder of KARE (Kannabis Accreditation Regulation & Education), a program available to cannabis professionals to ensure a consistent knowledge standard across the industry, specifically around understanding its healing properties and how to apply that knowledge to enhance people’s lives. She is the visionary behind Cannabliss Retreats, a first of its kind, educational and experiential retreat geared towards the canna-curious and cannabis enthusiasts. It brings together experts across cannabis and wellness with the goal to expand the mind, strengthen the body and awaken the spirit. The event features cannabis-inspired yoga, cooking lessons, hiking and other fitness experiences, cannabis and cacao ceremonies as well as education. Sari is also a certified yoga instructor and integrates the practice of yoga with cannabis ceremonies and deep meditation.  Sari has been a panelist at several cannabis events and is a cannabis writer for Huffington Post and Kindland.

For the past seven years Dr. Ira Price has been a leader in the clinical application of natural pain solutions and Cannabinoid therapeutics. In 2011, Dr. Price opened the first clinic in Ontario dedicated solely to evaluating patients for the use of medical cannabis, called Synergy Health Services. Dr. Price then founded the Medical Cannabis Journal Club of Hamilton; the first accredited Medical Cannabis Journal Club.

Dr. Price’s Medical Cannabis practice has been peer reviewed. His dedication and forward thinking is recognized on the national stage. Relying on evidence based principles, Dr. Ira Price developed an effective clinical pathway for the evaluation of patients. Most recently he developed KARE – Cannabis Accreditation, Research and Education – a Seminar style certification for the medical and lifestyle communities.

He is an internationally known lecturer who has educated countless numbers of physicians and patients on the use cannabinoids. Dr. Price’s interests lie in the development of protocols for the clinical application of cannabinoids and the safety of cannabis in the public domain.

Dr. Price assumed many roles within the growing Cannabis industry; including medical director and research advisor of federally approved Licensed Producers. He assisted in the development of SOP’s and regulatory standards that would become part of the backbone of the corporation.

Dr. Price’s extensive knowledge and expertise within the Cannabis market allows him to be a top consultant. His ability to forecast and analyze the Cannabis market has translated into huge wins for both Licensed Producers and Investors alike.

Dr. Price’s other roles include: Director of Cannabis Research Associates; Team Physician Varsity Rugby 2009-2017; Partner Cannabliss- Retreats California, USA.


Darren Austin Hall is a sound healer, ceremonial musician and spiritual teacher. He tours internationally, sharing his healing music with the crystal singing bowls and his array of spirituality and wellness workshops and courses. His performances, workshops and teachings are devoted to evolving human consciousness and inspiring a sense of universal truth and unity as well as invoking spiritual activism. He was a featured performer at the TEDx Conference in Toronto and is a writer of the blog called The Druid and is contributor to many online zines, as well as being a spoken word poet. He is also co-founder, DJ and co-facilitator of The Big Love Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Ceremony. Darren is also the founder of Conscious Masculinity Toronto and facilitates a men’s group devoted to raising the consciousness of the masculine. He is also the creator of the 4-part course for men ‘Heroic Consciousness’ which involves deeply working with masculine archetypes. He is the creator of the 75HR Source Resonance Training in Sound Healing, Sacred Music & Vibrational Philosophy. His new album ‘Songs of Source’ is out now.

As a Reiki master, Yoga teacher, Prosperity Mentor, and leader of the sacred feminine, Molly has followed the high priestess path since a young age. Ahe emanates a true purity of being and has the rare gift of helping women connect to their power through their sensuality, claiming their wealth, and unlocking their spiritual gifts.
She now travels around the world sharing her gifts, offering online business programs for women in sacred service, soul mentorship, and hosting international retreats in Hawaii and other tropical locations.
Molly has always found a deep reverence for various plant medicine’s, including cannabis. She comes from a personal history of drug and alcohol abuse, and through energy healing and conscious awareness, she is now in a place where she can use these plants with great love and respect! She highly encourages Medicinal Cannabis for menstruation pain, energy activation and also re-awakening our sensuality!
She guides her students through crystal bowl sound baths, shakti dance infusions, women’s sisterhood and empowerment circles, and much more! You can find out more about Molly on her website (www.mollykubes.com) or Instagram (@molly.kubes) and even book a free consult!

Bryan Hardy is a Modern Medicine Man and Integrative Health Coach who takes a whole-person, hands on approach to wellness. He graduated with first class honors from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2015 and has been ceaselessly researching and practicing health, nutrition, personal development, and integrative wellness since 2011.
Bryan’s experience with chronic digestive issues and hormonal imbalance were two of the biggest motivators that led him to embrace holistic healing as his life’s work. Furthermore, his challenges with post-surgical scar tissue adhesions and the resulting bowel obstructions sparked a fascination and appreciation for hands on healing and deep tissue body work. These aspects of his healing journey have taught him how to create the conditions necessary so that the body can heal itself and recover in an optimal fashion, be that from injury, surgery, or life itself.
His practice, both in-home and in clinic at Whole Life Balance Toronto, centers around one on one and small group counseling around nutrition, mindset, spirituality, plant medicine and lifestyle factors that contribute to optimal health.
He hosts the Redefining Reality Podcast, facilitates transformational retreats, is an avid biohacker, and loves to connect with people through conversation, movement, and time spent in nature.

I’m Tyler May and I am a cannabis educator, grower and consultant. I work mainly at Synergy Health Services within their exploration centers, helping patients understand and properly use their cannabis. In addition to Synergy Health, I am also an avid cannabis grower and consultant for individuals who need assistance with their cannabis cultivation. In my free time I stay outside and active, but when I do take a break I enjoy watching The Simpsons. I’m looking forward to my first Cannabliss experience

Hello my name is Cole Siddons! I am an environmentalist, Athlete, and avid Cannabis enthusiast. I Studied Environmental science at Georgian College and have been growing Cannabis for 8 Years. I have been working for a Licenced Producer for Medical Cannabis as a Cultivation technician, expanding my knowledge of the Cannabis plant and its intricacies. I help people around me fully understand Cannabis and how it can benefit them medicinally. I also consult and assist people who wish to grow their own Cannabis. I want to inspire people to change the way they perceive this plant and help them realize not only its potential but there potential as well

Jesse Buck is a yoga teacher, community visionary, reiki practitioner and sound healer. He has established himself as a grounded leader/creator in the Toronto Spirituality, Healing scene.

He hosts community events such as men’s circles, meditations, movement/tantra / connection/contact dance workshops, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dances and crystal bowl sound journeys.

Along with an array of sacred sounds and instruments, he plays crystal singing bowls tuned to the frequency of 432hz allowing for a deep state of relaxation and healing with guided meditation.

His mission is to inspire others to become empowered through breath, playful movement and self love.

An empath since the age of six, Alexandra-Jo is a soul healer, life coach, holistic health practitioner and conscious cannabis advocate. After spending the last decade dedicated to healing her physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and ancestral body, she now dedicates her time and energy towards the healing journeys of others.

After experiencing a very intensive western approach to trauma healing and addiction she set off to Thailand to become a yoga teacher, got woke, and went back to school at the Transformational Arts College school of Spiritual and Holistic Training. Since then she has been leading yoga and meditation classes and hosting workshops all over Toronto in places like Soho House and Calyx Wellness, facilitates retreats, and guides women through 1 on 1 coaching journeys to develop and deepen their soul relationships, heal traumas, and raise the vibration of their life.

Alexandra-Jo now divides her energy between Toronto and Costa Rica where she studies with road men and Shamans in sacred plant ceremony, continuing her own healing journey.


Richard ‘medicineman’ Martin is one of Canada’s most highly respected global fusion tastemakers. As a world music pioneer and cultural ambassador, he’s been instrumental in breaking new ground in the event, club and festival scenes. Medicineman’s dancefloor prescription delivers a healing dose of primitive rhythms with progressive beats. Based out of Toronto, his weekly radio mix “No Man’s Land” on CIUT 89.5 FM is celebrating it’s 20th year over the airwaves!

Stream and download his musical journeys @ www.djmedicineman.com
Follow on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/djmedicinemanmusic

T.O.A. is a singer, songwriter, and DJ that is often referred to as having a voice that soothes the mind, heals the body, and touches the soul. T.O.A. brings her talent and energy to every stage she hits. Her unique blend of vocals as she DJs creates a memorable experience for her audiences.
T.O.A. lives her life guided by love and believes in peace and harmony amongst all living beings. She hopes that through her music, you can feel her energy and find the same state of mind.

Jennifer Malone is an accomplished event producer with more than 15 years’ experience planning all aspects of events from concept to execution. She founded D&L Events in 2014 following a 12-year stint as Director of Events for Homerun Entertainment, a television and event production company she co-founded. Jennifer thrives on the excitement of each event she produces. She manages every detail from developing the theme to creating the budget to determining the centerpieces on the table. Jennifer is down to earth, easy going and lives life mindfully.

Lori Barron completed her Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004 Feeling guided to teach others how to heal and balance their bodies she began to delve into the more Ancient and Sacred teachings of many of the native cultures around the world. Her travels took her to South America, Indonesia and Europe. Lori founded “Herb Girl Alchemy” and most recently YAFA Cannabis Alchemy with the intention of teaching people the principles of “Be your Own Medicine”. She now supports many on their healing path, teaching each person the values of healing themselves physically and spiritually with Plant Medicines, Meditation, Energy Work and Ancient Acupuncture practices.

The perpetual seeker of life’s mysteries Lori brings another level of healing beyond the physical into her work utilizing her intuitive sense to lead her in helping clients reach their highest potential.

Lori opens others awareness to the pathways to create catalyzing changes which happen when we learn to drop our self-limiting beliefs and trust that the answers will come, and the path will appear.Alchemist, Ascension Acupuncturist, Priestess of Magik, Medicine Woman,Sacred Ritual Facilitator. Seeker of ancient knowledge and wisdom. Wayshower

Naz’s love for yoga began in 2002 just as she was beginning her career as A registered nurse in the emergency department. Naz quickly discovered that she needed time to escape the stressful environment of the ER, so she discovered yoga and began a daily practice in her own living room. Several years later, a Consistent home practice lead Naz to studio classes In her home town which further her lifted her fire to the practice. Naz’s passion for yoga, humanity and science led her into obtaining her 200hr Hatha-Vinyasa certification. Her classes explore the mind/body connection through her emphasis on breath, flow and strength.

Jennifer Korsen is an LA based artist that works with many mediums. Her mixed media pieces, murals, and street installations can be seen regularly around Los Angeles in galleries, pop up shows, and public spaces. Besides LA her work has been shown in Portland, Seattle, New York, Germany, The UK, and more. Past Clients and features include, Red Bull, Whole Foods, Etsy, Toms, Perrier, UC Riverside, and The City of Los Angeles.

Korsen’s recent work is centered around the heart in several different environments and interpretations. Showing non stop since 2009, her anatomically incorrect hearts are instantly recognizable.

Her studio work, murals, and street installations have become a staple in Los Angeles and have been featured in Movies, TV shows, and local and international print publications and art books. Her work has been collected extensively by gallerists, anatomy enthusiasts, and street art collectors alike.

She started Dank Canvas as a way to combine her love of art with the creative and healing benefits of cannabis. Dank Canvas provides various art experiences at private parties, individual lessons and quality events in Southern California and beyond

Cameron has been cultivating flowers and working with Bay Area dispensaries for nearly a decade and is a self-proclaimed ‘weed geek’ who loves the science and history of cannabis and sharing this knowledge. He attends several medical conferences each year and has worked with a number of dispensaries throughout California to train dispensary staff on all aspects of the cannabis plant. Prior to focusing his energy on cannabis fulltime, Cameron worked for over 15 years in the service industry managing bars and restaurants and teaching advanced sailing and SCUBA courses.

Cameron has been an integral part of defining the Fiddler’s Greens brand and has been responsible for bringing the Fiddler’s Greens product line to market, and has led the team that has gotten our products into over 40 dispensaries in less than 7 months, and in his ten years working with bay area dispensaries he has been a member of over 400 California dispensaries. He has been a cannabis activist since the mid-90’s when he attended his first Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam as a judge. As a former Marine, Merchant Marine Captain, and Eagle Scout, he is experienced in leading and motivating teams and getting things done with honor and integrity.

He has spoken at several different cannabis events over the last few years and loves sharing and learning from others who truly love this magical plat!

Fiddler’s Greens has obtained the very first outdoor cultivation permit in Sonoma County and has temporary state licenses for cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution.

Karina’s love and passion for Yoga started a decade ago. She noticed the significant physical benefits instantaneously, she became more flexible, She leaned out and built unbelievable strength. She also began to notice my awareness for myself and the environment, I became more mindful, my thoughts became clear and just felt alive with everything else around me. She believe’s that the physical, mental & emotional states are all intertwined, the more we use our breath and focus on what’s in front of us the more we have the ability to live fulfilled lives. I incorporate various dynamic flows to the sequences I create in my classes and personal one on ones, the creation of my success is breath work in all essence.

In 2002, Brian Martello Chaplin traveled west to Lake Tahoe California with $1,000, a backpack and his guitar to pursue the ski bum lifestyle. After several years supporting his skiing and travel habits working in the food and beverage industry there, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. Randomly integrated into a project in Oakland in 2009 he discovered that he could apply his experience and the knowledge he gained from a degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Vermont to the underground world of cultivating medicinal cannabis. Consistently refining cannabis concepts from year to year since, with roots planted back in Lake Tahoe and the Nevada County foothills he started to conceptualize the ethos of Medicine Box in the winter of 2016 while recovering from a skiing injury as well as taking a journey of self exploration. Yearning to come out of the cannabis shadows and deliver a positive message with the vision that the majority of humans across the globe shall replace the contents of their medicine cabinets with a cannabis health and wellness supplement he quickly sought out to bootstrap and execute this vision.

While working with the plant itself is deeply gratifying, his greatest strengths are building collaborative relationships that align with the Medicine Box vision, experimental production models and interfacing with the community of Nevada County CA as a board member of the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance. From the soil to oil pendulum of Medicine Box and its mission statement of “Mindful Cultivation & Innovation” it is clear that Brian’s true passions lie within the culture of cannabis and the California lifestyle. With Medicine Box, he bridges the gap between his passions and visions with creative grassroots business concepts. Remaining true to the medicinal value of cannabis, the cultural and social dynamics of its evolution Brian and his dedicated team navigate the many nuances of the cannabis movement . He consistently positions himself and the evolving Medicine Box company with the support of his collaborative team on the emerging trends of cannabis culture throughout the state.

When he’s not developing his vision for Medicine Box and the cannabis community you can find him seeking inspiration skiing at Squaw Valley, hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains with his husky Phoenix, swimming along the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe, mindfully flowing in a Qi Gong session or picking away at his acoustic guitar. An epicurean of life’s simplicities he is also fond of Pelligrino, Bulletproof Coffee, dining out, his epic friends and family, and open minded free flowing conversation.

Kyrious is a healer, recipe developer, plant enthusiast and holistic lifestyle blogger based out of San Francisco, California. She studied health sciences throughout college and is currently working on her nutritional health coaching certification through Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Carli Jo is a Sensuality Coach, Cannabis Feminist
Consultant and certified Aerial Yoga Instructor. Carli Jo’s Sensuality & Cannabis Women’s Circles have been featured in the New Times York, Merry Jane Media & Mary Magazine. She is the author of soon to be published Your Amazing Itty Bitty Guide to Sensuality & Cannabis.

Combining the sacred & ancient healing benefits of
the jade egg, guided meditations, pleasure rituals & cannabis Carli Jo helps women connect to their authentic sexuality. It is her belief that having a fully expressed sexuality is the most potent fuel for living one’s most satisfying and fulfilling life.

“It is our divine right to enjoy our pleasure!” ~
The New York Times

Dina Kleiman is an Intuitive Reader, Medium, Energy Healer, Vocal Channel, Hypnotherapist and Teacher.

In the western world, much of the focus on healing the body comes through the use of chemistry in the form of pills and physical intervention, aka, surgery. More recently diet, exercise, physical therapy and psychotherapy have gained popularity as additional avenues for healing. However, this leaves out one important aspect of the human body – its energy or electricity. This is where Dina comes in.

Through the use of what is broadly known as “Energy Healing,” Dina helps clients release old habits and beliefs, become strong and fearless, heal events from this life and past lives, clear ancestral karmic patterns, reconnect with the soul’s path, create healthy relationships, attract abundance, achieve harmony, peace and happiness and handle everyday living with ease and grace.


Len May is the President of EndoCanna Health an innovative company specializing in Personalized Medicinal Cannabis using DNA sequencing. Len May, MCS is a pioneer in the medical cannabis industry, with over 25 years of experience including President of the Cannabis Action Network. As a Certified Medical Cannabis Specialist at Medicinal Genomics, May has an in-depth knowledge of genomics, cannabinoids and terpenes and their interaction with the endocannabinoid system allowing him to consult on formulations targeted to treat specific conditions through EndoCanna Health. His experience also encompasses a strong understanding of branding and compliance, fundraising and operations, as well as TV/Film consulting. May has proven success in a variety of cannabis-related ventures including some of the industries iconic brands. May has a Masters of Medical Cannabis and Endocannabinoid Formulation Specialist Certification from the Institute for the Advancement of Integrative Medicine and is an accomplished public speaker.

WHY DOES HE DO IT: “I believe in safe, effective, personalized cannabis derived medicine and it being available to anyone who needs it. My purpose is to facilitate the production from seed all the way though the cultivation process to insure the delivery of quality products through DNA technology and then to formulate personalized cannabis medicine integrating with endocannabinoid receptors for treatment of human conditions.”

Anya Cravitz is a founder of Olive Kind Agency, premier branding + creative + go-to-market agency servicing the topical and beauty Cannabis + CBD market, based in Los Angeles, California. Her professional background has an extensive marketing and business development in tech and beauty industry. After graduating from Northeastern University in Boston where she was raised, Anya moved to Los Angeles. For the past 6 years she has successfully developed indie health and wellness brands, which have been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Mantra Magazine, Huffington Post and more. Cannabis plays a crucial and life-changing roll in Anya’s life ever since she transitioned to Cannabis oil from pharmaceutical’s to help with her epilepsy disorder. After learning and experiencing true medicinal healing powers of Cannabis and how it can help so many people, Anya became a medical cannabis activist and started her agency. She has been mentioned in Rolling Stones, Dope Magazine and more on her work in the Cannabis industry.

Ariel Clark is one of California’s best known and longest-serving cannabis business attorneys. In 2008, when the idea of a cannabis business law was often considered an oxymoron, she dedicated her practice to this emerging industry—foresight that was recognized in 2017 by Rolling Stone which named her one of 18 “Women Shaping The Culture of Tomorrow” and by Cannabis Business Times as one of the top 75 women Whether protecting her clients’ rights or advising elected leaders, Ariel’s intelligence, charisma, and tenacity have earned her a national reputation as one of cannabis’ fiercest advocates.

Ariel’s extensive work in California demonstrates her talents navigating complex issues and changing laws. Her work helping clients execute complex political strategies, obtain licenses, set up proper business structures, and interface with local and state officials across hundreds of jurisdictions has given Ariel a deep understanding of state and local priorities.

This experience has been particularly visible in Los Angeles. By all accounts both the biggest urban cannabis market in the world, Ariel founded and serves as Chair of the Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force. Against considerable odds, the Task Force was instrumental in the passage of Measure M, authorizing the creation of a legal, regulated industry in LA.

Ariel earned her Juris Doctor degree from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall), and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She is an active member of the National Cannabis Bar Association, California State Bar, and the Beverly Hills Bar Association. She serves on the board of California NORML, the policy committee of the California Growers Association, and is a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and the California Cannabis Industry Association. Prior to founding Clark Neubert LLP, Ariel captained her own solo firm, which she started after practicing with California Indian Legal Services in Oakland, Santa Rosa, and Eureka.

Eben Britton is a retired NFL offensive lineman, writer, actor, cannabis advocate, entrepreneur and personal consultant based in Los Angeles, California.
Eben Britton was born in New York City in 1987 and lived in Brooklyn until he moved to California at age 11. Eben went to high school at John Burroughs High in Burbank, California. He was an all-American offensive lineman and received scholarship offers all over the country. His high school jersey would later be retired and his name added to the Burroughs Hall of Fame. After settling on the University of Arizona, Eben took Tucson by storm, becoming an All-American and All-Pac 10 offensive lineman and leading his team to a win at the Vegas Bowl. Eben was drafted in round 2 of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars where he played for four years. When his contract with the Jags ended, Eben moved on to Chicago, where he played sixth man tight-end for the next two seasons.

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. After completing his sixth season in the NFL, Eben and his wife Brittany decided it was time to head home to California. Eben now resides in the Los Angeles area with his wife and daughter. He finished his creative writing degree from the University of Arizona and enjoys writing for anyone who cares to read his work. Eben is a fierce supporter of medical marijuana and regularly speaks in support of holistic health. He works as a writer, actor and lifestyle consultant. His mother, Abbie Britton, a former fashion editor and current body worker and healer, lives in Los Angeles and is vying for grandmother of the year. His father, Jeff Britton, is a genius fine painter and former NCAA Division I basketball player living in Brooklyn, NY. Eben comes from a long line of artists, writers and actors, most notably his grandmother, Academy Award-winner, Estelle Parsons.

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